Masterwork Olympiad

Basic information

Great Olympiad — the main event for fans of PvP battles, where players compete in skill for the title Hero of the Grand Olympiad.

On Masterwork servers the Olympiad was changed for the convenience of the players and for dynamic gaming process. The changes are about the duration of the cycle, types of battles and reward for the victory and participation, hero weapons and hero skills.

One of the main changes — Noblesse title now is not necessary and main class Judicator now can become the Hero as the other main classes.

Olympiad settings

Olympiad cycle

Olympiad cycle is 2 weeks — week of fights and week of Heroes.

The events of the fighting week:

  • From Monday to Wednesday there's no fights
  • From Thursday to Sunday fights 1 vs 1

The events of the Hero week:

  • On Monday at 12.00 by the server time the winners of Olympiad obtain their Hero title
  • Top 10 gamers of each class obtain their rewards
  • Weapon, skills, hero chat are available for 7 days (till the next fighting week)
  • Hero aura and hero cloak available for 14 days (till next Hero is anounced)

Time of the fights

The fights are in the fighting week from Thursday till Sunday, 18:30-23:30 by the server time (UTC+2) / 19:30-00:30 (Moscow)

Wave entering and fighting limits

In total, in a week of battles you can conduct:

  • Seasonal server — maximum 50 battles
  • Eternal server — maximum 100 battles

Minimum participants for the fighting waves:

  • Fights 1 vs 1 — from 30 registrated participants

Waves are started no more than once every 60 seconds.

Olympiad points

At the beginning of the period, each participant in the Olympiad is awarded points:

  • Seasonal server - 50 points
  • Eternal server - 30 points

On the days of fights (from Thursday to Sunday) additional points are awarded:

  • Seasonal server — 10 points daily
  • Eternal server — 5 points daily

Points for wins and losses are calculated as follows:

  • For victory you obtain maximum 10 points
  • For technical defeat decreasing 1/5 from your points, but not more than 10
  • For winning in any mode the winner gets 1/5 from minimum points amount among all participants (with counting to the bigger side), but not more than 10 points. Example:
    • One player has — 140 points, the other one — 8. The minimum point amount among participants — 8
    • 1/5 from minimum point (to bigger it) will be 2 points. So the winner gets 2 points, even if it's the second player

Available arenas

The battles take place on the random instance arena, the amount of arenas is — 150. There are 3 arena types are available:



4 pillars


Mirror (new arena)

Domino (new arena)

Altar (new arena)

4 Knights (new arena)

Library (new arena)


Access and registration

For participating the character must be among level 56. With the server's development, the level will be raising. The current level can be found in the NPC title Grand Olympiad Manager:

Noblesse title is not neccessary.

To register to participate in Olympiad battles, talk to the Grand Olympiad Manager and register to participate.

Grand Olympiad Manager l2

The items in inventory shouldn't be more then 90% from the whole amount, For example if there's only 90 slots in inventory, then you should have not more then 81 items inside.

When there's enough players for fight, the player see counting of time in system chat for battle beginning. Time preparation before teleport to the arena — 45 seconds.

If there's not enough players for the fight, the char will get the message about delay in system chat.

The character who were in party after the teleportation to the arena will be expelled from the party.

Pay attention!

The character will not be placed to the arena and gets technical defeat and penalty in 1/5 points in such cases:

  • The character is dead
  • Weight limit is more than 90%
  • The character after registration switched to the subjob
  • The char exit the game no matter what, except the shutdown of the server. In this case all the results would be cleaned and, all the participants will be moved again to the town


After the teleportation to the arena, players will have 60 seconds to prepare for the battle.

All summoned pets before the teleport will be unsummoned, but minions and cubes will stay.

After the teleportation all buff effects will be moved.

CP, HP and MP will be fully restored after teleport and before 50 seconds of the fight beginning.

Before the fight in mode 1 vs 1 the player can obtain for 5 possitive effects from the list:

Also each character has special skill for activating chance buffs from the weapon with effect:

On the Olympiad only soulshots, spiritshots and item for using skills are available. It is forbidden to use returning skills.

There is 6 minutes for the fight — 1 for preparation and 5 minutes for the fight.

The battle is ending when the hit points of the participant or group is lowered to 0.

If by the time ending there's still no winner, the victory goes to the player who made more damage. Damage dealt to a servant is not taken into account when calculating. The damage caused by the servant is taken into account.

After the time allotted for the battle has expired, the battle stops, the results and participants are announced teleport back to the town.

Rewards for participation

The Great Olympiad participants obtain special currency for the fight. On the stage Interlude this is Noblesse Gate Pass , on the stage Gracia and High Five — Olympiad Token

Also taking part in battles you complete achievment — Winner, chicken dinner!, Berserk! и Pinata. As a reward you'll get Olympiad currency, Life Stones and fame coupons.

More detailed information about achievements read in article Achievements

Countings of obtained reward

Obtaining Olympiad currency for winnings:

  • Fight 1 vs 1 — 1000 points. (400 points for entering the arena + 600 for winning)

Obtaining Olympiad currency for defeat:

  • Fight 1 vs 1 — 500 points. (400 points for entering the arena + 100 for defeat)

Obtaining Olympiad currency for achievements:

  • From 150 to 600 points for each achievement

Obtaining of the Olympiad currency after Oly cycle:

  • There were minimum 9 fights and at least 1 winning — 1000 points for each point
  • Hero obtaining in your class — 120 000 points. + 1000 points for each point

Price places

In addition for common reards we add special bonuses for 10 most powerful fighters in their class — increasing of CP, HP and MP, decreasing of using MP for skills usage and discount in Olympiad shop. Bonus is available for 14 days and do not work on Olympiad.

Olympiad Ranking: 1st place

  • Max. CP, HP, MP +10%
  • Use MP for all skills -5%
  • Discount 15% on goods from Olympiad Manager
  • Hero's Cloak CP , 14 days

Olympiad Ranking: 2 / 3 place

  • Max. CP, HP, MP +7%
  • Use MP for all skills -5%
  • Discount 10% on goods from Olympiad Manager

Olympiad Ranking: 4-6 place

  • Max. CP, HP, MP +5%
  • Use MP for all skills -4%
  • Discount 7% on goods from Olympiad Manager

Olympiad Ranking: 7-10 place

  • Max. CP, HP, MP +3%
  • Use MP for all skills -3%
  • Discount 5% on goods from Olympiad Manager

Information about prices in the Olympics store with a discount is attached at the end of the article.

Hero's weapon

Standard effects from Hero's weapon stayed the same, however less actual weapon has been reworked. This helps to use activly class skills instead only of using Spear or Stuff.

On the first stage of the server Hero weapons have B-Grade. Settings of Phys. / Mag. attack — change with server improved and correspond to the best current weapon grade of the server stage:

  • On the stage Interlude — Hero weapon also gives bonus: +20% PvE and PvP damage
  • On the stage Gracia and High Five — the bonus will increase up to +70% PvE damage and +40% PvP damage

9 types of Hero weapon got inside bonus Focus (+78 critical chance and critical attack) additional to bonuses that are already exist:

Hero skills

The list and description of Hero skills are changing according to the server's stage:


Heroic Miracle Lv. 1

  • For 30 seconds, increases P. Def. by 5400, M. Def. by 4050, resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and Speed by 5
  • P. Def. and M. Def. from the skill increases as the server develops, up to 5400 and 4050 at the Gracia stage

Heroic Berserker Lv. 1

  • For 2 minutes, increases the user's Accuracy by 8, P. Atk. by 500, M. Atk. by 500, Atk. Spd. by 15%, Casting Spd. by 15%, Speed by 20, resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and the effect of received HP recovery magic by 25%. Bestows complete resistance to de-buff attacks. Decreases P. Def. by 25%, M. Def. by 25%, and Evasion by 8

Heroic Valor Lv. 1

  • For 2 minutes, increase P. and M. Def. by 5%, protection against removal of effects by 40
  • Now available for group and aliance not only for the clan

Gracia and High Five + new skills

Heroic Dread Lv. 1

  • Upon successful cast, it prohibits the use of any magical and physical skills. Temporarily does not apply other debuffs
  • Time duration of effect is lowered from 60 to 20 seconds
  • Has the same time re-use with the skill Heroic Dread Lv. 1
  • Skill is not cancelled by Cleanse Lv. 1

Heroic Dread Lv. 1

Olympiad jewelry

Olympiad jewelry appears at the Gracia stage, when switching to the new Olympiad currency — Olympiad Token .

The parameters of Olympiad jewelry are similar to epic jewelry, which makes obtaining it the highest priority in the conditions lack of epic. The jewelry is temporary, valid for 28 days.

Pay attention!

The magical protection of Olympiad jewelry changes as the season progresses.

Item Cost Parameter
Olympiad Necklace A
Adena x 5 000 000
Limited time item available for 28 days.

Max. MP + 42
Resistance to Sleep/Paralysis/Shock attacks +15.00%
Sleep/Paralysis/Shock Chance +15.00%
Skill reuse delay -5%
Damage shield effect +4.00%
Olympiad Earring A
Adena x 5 000 000
Limited time item available for 28 days.

Max. MP +31
Resistance to Shock/ Mental Attacks +20.00%
Shock/Mental Chance +20.00%
Vampiric rage effect +4.00%

When equipped with two identical earrings, the effect of only one earring will be applied.
Olympiad Ring A
Adena x 5 000 000
Limited time item available for 28 days.

Max. MP +21
Accuracy +2
Critical Damage +15.00%
Resistance to Hold +30.00%
Hold Chance +30.00%

When equipped with two identical rings, the effect of only one ring will be applied.

Olympiad shop

Olympics shop without discounts
Olympic discount shop for 1 place
Olympic discount shop for 2 / 3 places
Olympic discount shop for 4-6 places
Olympic discount shop for 7-10 places