Useful additions to the interface and game

Basic information

Every healer knows the feeling when a party member runs too far and dies without falling under a mass healing spell. Each group leader remembers many cases when the party members scattered in different directions or beat random opponents. As a rule, the is fight ended with the button "To the village".

Our team took care of such cases and added to the game’s client special features that will increase the effectiveness of the group in combat. In addition, we added other addons to make the gameplay more comfortable.

Party Deputy Leader

Now it is possible to appoint a deputy leader of the group. The deputy can be used to invite and exclude members of the group.

The action menu (C key on the keyboard) has a new button - Assign Party Deputy Leader. The action is also triggered by the /subleaderset command.
Available only for party leader.

Team readiness check

Added function "Readiness check" to simplify group coordination during common actions -teleportation or instance on command, putting buffs before the battle, etc.

The action menu (C key on the keyboard) has a new button - Readiness check. The action is also called by the /partyping command.
Available only for party leader.

After you click the action button or use the command, the group leader screen displays the group member status window.
Click the "Start Check" button to see if the group is ready. The Group Members screen will show you a confirmation box.

  • Green indicator - player responded positively to readiness request
  • Red indicator - the player responded negatively to the readiness request or did not respond until the end of the request
  • Grey indicator - player has not yet responded to readiness request

Group highlight

Added "Group Highlight" feature for easy tracking of Copartians in combat. Available 2 illumination options - blue and red.

To turn on or off the highlight in the group window, click "Group settings" and select the highlight type.

Ground mark

Added "Group Mark" feature for comfortable regroup in the desired location. Save time and energy - use a visible sign in the specified place instead of a thousand words.

The action menu (C key on the keyboard) has a new button - Group Mark. The action is also called by the /partymark command.
Available only for party leader.

After you click the action button or use the command, a highlighted area will appear under the cursor. Move the cursor to the desired location and click on the ground. All the party members will see a bright mark.

Buff mapping

Full line of buffs of the party members takes up a lot of space on the screen, and extra buffs distract attention. If only the right ones would be displayed... Masterwork team fulfilled your wish!

The new group settings feature allows you to choose to display specific effects of party members for easy tracking of their presence and duration. We’ve compiled a list of effects that are usually tracked during party play. If you vitally need to display the effect that isn't in the list — tell us this on through Support Service.

Similar effects combined in groups for easy configuration. The remaining time of the effect can be seen by hovering the cursor over the icon. For example: by selecting the this type of effects will be displayed in the — Wind Walk , Improved Movement , Chant of Movement

In addition, we've added a display of the presence of the effect Noblesse Blessing directly into the group window - the effect icon is located opposite the party member’s nick. Its status is easy to determine whether the character has a buff or not.

Nickname color in group

You can choose how to display your group’s nicks to track the status of your party members. To do this, open the group settings menu and select the desired mode:

  • White/PvP/PK
  • Rainbow/PvP/PK
  • White names

Private Stores and Master Coin

There is often a situation when you have to sell an item for adena and buy Master Coin for it. And vice versa - players sell Master Coin to buy the necessary equipment or resources on the market.

Masterwork team saved players from unnecessary actions - now you can choose the currency to use the store. For convenience of trading there is a separate area on Giran Square next to the Newbie's Helper, where it is allowed to use Master Coin for automatic transactions.

In addition, model dealers have been replaced with simpler ones to reduce the load on the video card in case of a large crowd of players.

Detailed settings

Some players use group, trade, or friendship offers to prevent opponents from fighting. It is customary to use the /allblock command to protect against detractors, but it doesn't solve all the problems at all.

We have added the ability of detailed settings to the game client - now each player decides who is allowed to throw invitations or who will choose the NextTarget feature.

The "E-Global: Settings" option is added to the game menu (X-key on the keyboard). Selecting this option opens a window for special settings.

Pay attention!
After changing the settings, restart the game client to apply the new settings.

Movement system

Fully developed WASD system with all moving options

Now it is possible to move at the same time with the left and right mouse buttons (LMB+RMB). The character will move in the direction of the camera that can be moved.

If you don’t like or can’t move these ways - you can always turn-off it in the game settings: General Menu (Alt+X) → Options → Configure → Mouse Click to Move

Item broker

We are for the live and interesting market, thats why on our project you won't find ordinary Item Broker, who will tell you about where and who and for what price are selling/buying different goods. However we understand that running all across the Giran in searching for soulshots before entering kamalika — is unpleasant deal.

On Masterwork servers you can find the special automatic products search. Trully saying it's like Item Broker, interface that can be looked in any city. With it's help you'll find what and who are selling something, but not price. These settings help to preserve pleasant market relations.

Finding of the Item Broker is easy - he's with you all the time! You need to open char's actions (С button) and find pink button that opens the menu. Also there's available command /finditem

The menu of Item Broker is a panel with product sections — Equipment, accessories, resources and so on. Choose the needed product and you'll open the position list of the chosen item.

When you opened the product menu, there's an automatic highlight of the shop where you can find needed item, at the same time in the menu you'll see nicknames of sellers and the amont of chosen item. While picking the seller's nick from the menu, he'll be automatically get into your target and you'll see the path to him.

For you to choose the most suitable item, there's filters by rank in the menu, type of selling, enchsnt level. Also you can write in the search line the name of needed product and find it very fast without searching through the whole list.

Group search

Searching for party members for exping or instances will be easier with the help of Group search. Press the icon of the group in the left down corner to open the search menu.

In this menu you'll see the available groups for entering. Look where the searching is for, whwew the group will go, the needed level and amount of the party members.

Finding the proper group, click twice on the needed line for entering the waiting room, where leader of the group can decide and give you the invite into group.

If you weren't lucky to find the group you need, then you can create your own to create the group yourself. For this on the main page of group search press «Create room», after this write the name of group, where to go, how many people you need and the needed levels for the entering.

For not to wait for too long for needed people, you can use the list of players that are searching for the group and invite them into yours, if needed use filters by classes and professions.

When the party group will be full, press Exit button to close the search room.

Other addings

Repeat click on the mouse wheel completely disables all skill and effect animations, which will greatly increase the FPS. What was only available in Light Patch via Updater can now be obtained in a full-fledged client

Health Points are displayed on the HP monster strip

Right-clicking on your target’s information window opens a quick action menu

In the title bar of the game, the character’s nickname is displayed for the convenience of selecting the desired window

Life Stone insert (augmentation) available from inventory window

You no longer have to insert the stones and crystals of the attribute one by one. Click on the attribute, select the number of stones, confirm and pray to the gods of the random

Useful commands

trade — /trade /tr
olympiadstat /olympiadstat /o

target — /target /t
targetnext — /targetnext /tn
assist — /assist /ass

attackforce — /attackforce /af
attackstand — /attackstand /as
useskill — /useskill /us
useskillforce — /useskillforce /usf
useskillstand — /useskillstand /uss

useshortcut — /useshortcut /usc
useshortcutforce — /useshortcutforce /uscf
useshortcutstand — /useshortcutstand /uscs

channelinvite — /channelinvite /cc
friendinvite — /addfriend /fi
partyinvite — /invite /in
leaderchange — /changepartyleader /cpl
partydismiss — /dismiss /d

petattack — /petattack /pa
usepetskill — /usepetskills /upts
petrevert — /petrevert /ptr
summonattack — /summonattack /sa
usesummonskill — /useservitorskills /uservs

.visualequip off .visualequip on — Enable and disable display of costumes




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