Academy on Masterwork

Basic information

The Lineage 2 Academy was created to help newbie players. In addition, for the graduation of academics, the clan receives clan reputation points necessary for development.

E-Global Masterwork team ensured that the Academy system remained in demand at every stage of server development:

  • The presence at the Academy was extended to level 60 (48/52/60 level 1/2/3 server stages, respectively)
  • Academics get useful effects and items for character development
  • Clans receive reputation points and special items to active clan skills

Info for newbie

At the beginning of the game, each player is faced with a lack of resources for character's development. Some stoically suffer hardships and develop through knowledge and perseverance, others look to the Donate Shop, where you can buy items for a certain amount of money for a comfortable game.

What to do if you don't have enough time for the first option or beliefs don't allow you to resort to the second? There's the solution!

Academy — a place where students get pleasant effects to facilitate exping, as well as bonuses for success in development.

Pay attention!

All players now have access to new daily Missions.

As a reward for completing these missions, characters receive Ivory Coin , which can be exchanged with the Traveler's Assistant for useful items.

How to come to Academy?

Get to the Academy in 2 ways:

  • The classic way — through the ad about recruiting in chat
  • Masterwork way — clan finder system

Consider the second way more detailed.

Clan system search

E-Global Masterwork implements an automatic clan system search. To find the Academy quickly, open a clan search window, select the right clan and apply. There are two ways to do this:

  • “Quick” button “Enter” is located at the bottom left of the screen. Click on it and the search box will open
  • Go to the main game menu (bottom right corner of the screen), select "Search Clan", click on it and the search window will open
How to open the clan search window Lineage 2
How to find a clan Lineage 2
How to join a clan Lineage 2

Bonuses for Academics

The Academy system was originally designed to help newcomers socialize and adapt to the game. Our team went further - passing the Academy allows players not only to make new acquaintances, but also to get useful effects and items for character's development.

Special clan skills

Academy Favor Lv. 1

Being at the Academy, you get a constant effect that increases your parameters:

  • Attack Speed +15%
  • Cast Speed +30%
  • Max. HP +30%
  • Speed +20

While you are under the Academy Favor effect, You are immune to the effects of Rhythm of Rage and Rhythm of Body.

Clan Unity Lv. 2

Also available to all academics clan buff bonus Clan Unity. 9+ Clan Members Online — each clan member gets EXP & SP bonus, HP & MP Regeneration, PvE Attack & Defense.

Maximum Clan Unity level allows you to get the following bonuses:

  • EXP +7%
  • SP +7%
  • HP Regeneration +15%
  • MP Regeneration +15%
  • PvE Attack +3%
  • PvE Defense +3%

Second profession rewards

After getting 2d profession, you don't leave the Academy, you get useful bonuses. The number of items depends on the stage of server progress.

Legacy of Academy — a quest item that duplicates the bonus from the Academy Diadem and also provides an additional bonus to experience. Now you do not need to constantly wear the Academy Diadem to get a useful effect.

The Legacy of Academy has a passive effect that increases your experience by 10% and reduces your loss of experience at death by 50%. Works on characters 1-84 levels.

Among the awards there's a new item — Proof of Loyalty , which is needed by clan leaders to use clan skills. You can give this item to the leader of your clan or sell it to other players.

Academy graduation reward

After achieving some level the character will automatically graduate from Academy. For the first stage of season server it's 48 level, for Eternal server — 61 level. As a thank you for helping the clan development, you'll receive bonuses. The number of items depends on the stage of server progress.

Pay attention!

If you were expelled during the Academy or leave the clan by yourself, the character won't receive a Penalty. You can immediately find another clan to complete the Academy.

Info for Clan leaders

The Academy System is the main source of Clan Reputation Points (CRP) needed to learn clan skills.

The number of Clan Reputation Points depends on the level of the character who joins the Academy:

  • 1 — 16 level — 650 points
  • 17 level — 630 points
  • 18 level — 610 points
  • 19 level — 590 points
  • 20 level — 570 points
  • 21 level — 550 points
  • 22 level — 530 points
  • 23 level — 510 points
  • 24 level — 490 points
  • 25 level — 470 points
  • 26 level — 450 points
  • 27 level — 430 points
  • 28 level — 410 points
  • 29 level — 390 points
  • 30 level — 370 points
  • 31 level — 350 points
  • 32 level — 330 points
  • 33 level — 310 points
  • 34 level — 290 points
  • 35 level — 270 points
  • 36 level — 250 points
  • 37 level — 230 points
  • 38 level — 210 points
  • 39+ level — 190 points

Also, when graduating as an academic, the clan receives a special item Proof of Loyalty, which is used when using active clan skills.

Read more about the clan system in the article Clan on Masterwork.




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