Cyclic Macros in Lineage 2

Basic information

Macros are one of the most important and needed mechanics of Lineage 2. They make gameplay more comfortable and allow to automate many actions: the use of skills and actions, quick change of equipment, creating simple items, interacting with group, announcements in chat. You can think of many ways for application of macros, all depends on your needs and imagination.

Masterwork team has gone further — on our servers you can loop macros for automatic use. Now you can leave the character on the farming if you need to urgently step away from the computer, bards and buffers can get rid of the routine and manage multiple boxes is much easier.

  • 100 macros can be created
  • If you do something during the macros: move the character, open the interface window, to use an object, skill or chat, then the execution of the macros will be canceled. Irrelevant for a cyclic macros.
  • You cannot add another macros to the macros

Macros creation

To open the macros window, click Alt+R or select the appropriate item in the game menu:

There’s a window for macros interaction:

  1. Creating a new macros
  2. Editing an existing macros. You must drag a finished macros to the tool icon
  3. Remove macros. Need to drag the finished macros to the urn icon
  4. Reduce window size. For the convenience of quick macros usage without dragging on the panel

Click Add (create) and the empty macros field will appear in front of you:

  1. Macros name, can contain up to 12 characters
  2. Select a unique macros icon. To select icons of learned skills, actions and some items from inventory
  3. Description of macros. Optional to fill
  4. Buttons for working with macros strings
    1. Lower line contents to 1 level below
    2. Raise the string content to 1 level above
    3. Add an empty string above. There are 12 strings available. If you move down the last string it will be removed
    4. Delete line before content, including filled-in
    5. Clear all macros strings
  5. Macros strings where messages or commands are entered in text form. One string can contain up to 80 characters including the command
  6. Save macros
  7. Undo creation of macros. All filled fields will be cleared

Using examples

Usage of actions and skills

Line 01 — selects into the target first group member
Line 02 — take into assist
Line 03 — force attack, mimics pressed Ctrl key

You can enter commands manually or use autocomplete when dragging actions and skills from corresponding window or from the quick access panel. The skill cooldown inside macros will be displayed on the macros icon on the biggest timer.

Trade message

Line 01 — message in chat (!)Shout
Line 02 — 5 sec delay between actions
Line 03 — message in chat (+)Trade

Quick equipment

Let’s examine the example of line 01
/usc — short command from /useshortcut (use cell)
20 — line number, 1 — cell number

To create such macros, drag the necessary equipment items to the unused line of the quick access panel, and then drag the desired panel cells in the macros string. To use macros, you do not need to see the string.

Target choice

Adding special commands to macros string will simplify interaction with targets:

  • %self — Interaction with your character. For example: %self Battle Heal — use the Battle Heal skill on yourself
  • %target — Interaction with the selected target. For example: /invite %target - invite the selected character to the group
  • %pet — Interaction with your pet/summon. For example: /target %pet — choose your pet in the target
  • %party1 ~ %party8 — Interaction with a member of the group. For example: /target %party1 — select the first member of the group in the target

Useful commands

In macros you can use any game commands. On Masterwork servers are implemented shortened long variants commands to save space in macros string.

trade — /trade /tr
olympiadstat — /olympiadstat /o

target — /target /t
targetnext — /targetnext /tn
assist — /assist /ass

attackforce — /attackforce /af
attackstand — /attackstand /as
useskill — /useskill /us
useskillforce — /useskillforce /usf
useskillstand — /useskillstand /uss

useshortcut — /useshortcut /usc
useshortcutforce — /useshortcutforce /uscf
useshortcutstand — /useshortcutstand /uscs

channelinvite — /channelinvite /cc
friendinvite — /addfriend /fi
partyinvite — /invite /in
leaderchange — /changepartyleader /cpl
partydismiss — /dismiss /d

petattack — /petattack /pa
usepetskill — /usepetskills /upts
petrevert — /petrevert /ptr
summonattack — /summonattack /sa
usesummonskill — /useservitorskills /uservs

Cyclic macros

All kinds of macros can be looped (cyclic) to use. To do this, drag macros to the panel quick access and right click on it to turn on. Disable macros with the right mouse click.

Limitations when enabling a cyclic macro:

  • Sending messages to any chat using a macro is prohibited
  • The use of the /target command is prohibited
  • It is prohibited to use the /targetnext command with the "Monsters Only" setting
  • The macro will be disabled if the character gets a PvP/PK condition
  • Can't be cyclic if character is in PvP/PK state
Example of a simple looped macros for farm afc by sorc
  1. Select the following target
  2. Use Surender to Fire skill standing on place. If the target is behind the radius of the skill, the character will remain in place. This is quite an important point at afk farm, you can choose the most suitable point by the number of mobs
  3. Standing in place using the skill Fire Vortex
  4. Standing in place using the skill Prominence
  5. 1 second delay before performing the next action. It is important to set on characters with low characteristics of the attack speed/magic or when using skills with long application time not to miss actions
  6. Standing in place using the skill Prominence
  7. Standing in place using the skill Prominence
  8. Take yourself in target
  9. Use the Battle Heal skill. You can refuse it, but there is a chance at some point to die from monsters that run up and hit the character
  10. Use skill Battle Heal
  11. 1 second delay before using macros again

Limiting time of use

For the Masterwork 2023 season, a time limit has been added for using looping macros.

The available usage time is common to both servers. For example: if you have used the available limit on the Fire server, then you cannot loop macros on the Water server.

The minimum level for using looping macros is 40. It will increase as the season progresses.

  • Basic use time — 3 hours per day
  • Having an active Premium status adds +60 minutes
  • Having VIP levels adds +12 minutes per level



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