Game event: Hot spot


Hot Spot — one of the game events on Masterwork, available for all players.

The event takes place in one of the open-world game locations. The location becomes densely populated with monsters, which allows players to get extra loot. The hunting process is simplified - monsters receive a negative effect that increases incoming damage.

Attentive and efficient players can receive valuable rewards by finding a secret Cache hidden in the location.

Mechanics and Locations


  • The number of monsters is increased
  • Monster defence is weakened
  • Secret caches are placed


  • The event starts at a random time at one of the locations
  • The start of the event is notified by messages in the global chat
  • Event duration: 1 hour


  • The location is selected randomly from the current pool
  • The current pool depends on the server stage
  • The location of the hot spot is marked on the map

Locations for the Eternal stage:


Hunting monsters during the event rewards players with more experience and loot from killed monsters.


  • The number of monsters in the location has been set to x2
  • Event monsters are marked with the "Hot Spot" title
  • Monsters have a negative effect that increases incoming damage
Negative effect Description
Hot Spot Lv. 1 Decreases P. Atk. by 15%, P. Def. by 15%, M. Def. by 15%, Resistance to Sword/Blunt/Dagger/Bow/Crossbow by 25%.

Hidden Cache

Secret caches are disguised NPCs in the form of ordinary objects in a location. The first player to find and activate the cache receives a special reward. The number of caches and their lifetime are limited.

Features of caches:

  • The appearance of the cache is different for each location
  • Caches do not have names. They cannot be targeted with the "/target" command.

Receiving a reward:

  • To receive a reward the Cache must be activated
  • The Cache disappears a few seconds after activation
  • Several players can activate the Cache before it disappears
  • The reward you receive is random
  • Rewards vary for different locations and stages

List of rewards for Eternal: