how to make adena selling shots


Making profits on soulshots means that you have to craft a high amount of them first, and then sell it to other players.

Whole process is separated by 3 parts:

  • Collecting of consumables
  • Crafting shots
  • Sale

Expected profits:

  • At the start of the server: 100-120% !
  • Average value over the distance: 50-55%
  • Crisis or minimum value: 30%

Example: The cost of manufacturing a batch of shots was 100,000 adena. A profit rate of 100% means that all shots will be sold for 200,000 adena. At the first days of the server investments can be doubled overnight.


Spirit or soul shots, more known as "SS-grade" or "BSS-grade", is a consumable that increases your damage.

Soulshot (S-Grade) S increases damage done by autoattacks and physical skills.

Spiritshot (S-Grade) S increase casting speed and the damage done by magical skills.

Blessed Spiritshot (S-Grade) S — an improved version of previous shots. Increases casting speed and have increased damage modifier.

Shots can be different grade: No-grade / D / C / B / A / S.

Only dwarves with crafter profession can make shots:


To make shots, a crafter needs only 1 recipe to learn.

For example Recipe: Soulshot (D-Grade) .

The recipe itself includes 2 types of consumables:

  1. Crystal (for example Crystal (D-Grade) D )
  2. Soul Ore or Spirit Ore


Composition of the gang group:

Crafter should have high mana pool (increased amount of mana), for this we use:

Recharger should also have increased mana pool, MP regen and casting speed.

The better recharger is leveled and geared, the more mana he will restore to the crafter.

The minimum stack looks like this:

Traders if necessary, can have increased weight limit:

The necessary equipment is available from MasterWork starter packs.

Useful buffs can be obtained from NPC Adventurers guide.

Buffs are free at low levels. At higher levels available with Club card.


For convenient managment of consumables cost and analyzing current shot prices — COPY the table and enter the data.


First of all, click on the "File" tab → "Make a Copy" — This will allow you to edit the document.

The document consists of 3 tables. Each table contains simplified and automated calculation of required consumables possible and profits.

The tables are divided into calculations based on Ivory Coin/Crystals/Adena.

In the cells on the left in the "Enter manually" section, enter:

  • Cost of consumables
  • Price of shots to sale
  • The amount of Ivory Coin/Crystals/Adena you plan to spend

There is no need to fill out any other cells! They display data that useful to you.

What is this table for?

  • Calculate the amount of consumables when crafting a large amount of shots
  • Calculate expected profit
  • Predict the most profitable type of shots

The table was created based on the MasterWork server conditions. You can create your own based on this table.

Shots recipes

Basic recipes and consumables.

How to get the recipe

You only need 1 recipe to learn on your character. Recipes are not used for crafting.

Ways to obtaining the recipe:

  1. Drop from killed monsters
  2. Spoil from killed monsters
  3. Purchasing from other players

Drop of any recipe from a monster has a fairly low chance. We don't recommend to farm recipes this way.

Spoil — the main method of obtaining recipes. Spoiler dwarves (Bounty Hunter) with their skill Spoil Lv. 1 are the main suppliers of recipes to the market. If you have a friend who plays spoiler, ask him to get the recipe you need.

Purchase — the easiest and most reliable way to get recipes.

In the first days at the start of the server recipes are quite expensive on the market. It is better to spoil the recipes of D and C grade shots by yourself. On average, it takes less than 1 hour to spoil each recipe.

All other recipes are easier to buy, because leveling up the spoiler just to get the recipe will not pay for your investments. When purchasing recipes, it is important to consider the current server stage and average level of the players. Prices for recipes will depend on this.

Spoiling recipes

Recommended monsters for spoiling recipes.

It is not necessary to hunt these particular monsters. Use our Data Base to create your own business plan.

Mining Crystals

Crystals - the main material required to create shots

There are crystals of the following grades:

Mining crystals is a difficult task. In total, there are 3 main ways:

  1. Crystallization
  2. Failed enchant of gear
  3. Buying crystals from other players

Best way to obtain crystals depends on the stage of the server and the prices of equipment. All 3 methods are relevant.

The cheaper the crystal - the more you will earn from selling shots!


Crystallize Lv. 1 : Passive ability available only to dwarven warriors.

With this ability, an item can be broken into crystals. Crystallized item will be destroyed!

The grade of crystals will be same as the rank of an item. The grade of items available for crystallization depends on the level of the dwarf and the level of the passive ability.

Item grade Skill level Character level
D 1 20
C 2 40
B 3 52
A 4 60
S 5 70

Any items that you can buy cheap are suitable for crystallization.

Crystal (D-Grade) D

  • Saber D or any other rank D weapon purchased from an NPC in the city without tax
  • Base crystal price — 595 Adena

Crystal (C-Grade) C

Crystal (B-Grade) B

Crystal (A-Grade) A

Crystal (S-Grade) S

Ways to find items cheaper:

Broken while enchanting

When modifying equipment with regular enchant scrolls (for example Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-Grade) ) above the safe level there is a chance to break an item into crystals.

Crystallization gives more crystals than fail when enchanting. The exact quantity can be found in Data Base.

If you tried to enchant a lot of items, you will have a lot of crystals. You can earn more by turning your crystals into shots and sell them!

if you didn't want to enchant any items — find the one who did and buy crystals from that person. Enchanting fans can be interested in selling their crystals quickly, to get some money for a new portion of enchanting.

Buying crystals

The easiest and fastest way to get crystals.

Search for crystals on sale from other players and buy at the best price.

Item Broker — search function will allow you to quickly and conveniently check all the traders around you.

Crystal prices are unstable and can change every day.

The main spots for traders are the Central Square and the Luxury Shop of Giran.

Set dwarves to buy crystals of all grades, for offline purchase, at the price that is acceptable to you.

Use the table from the "Calculation" section to better understand the prices.

Your profit depends on the method and price of crystal extraction!

Ore Gathering

Gathering ore is a simple task.

You will require Soul Ore and/or Spirit Ore .

Best way to get it — buying from NPC Adventurers Guide for Ivory Coin .

At the start of the server there may be an acute shortage of Ivory Coin's. It is recommended to create several characters and farm Ivory Coin's.

Main ways to get Ivory Coin's:

Don't purchase ore's from NPC at Grocery Store or from other players. They will have higher prices.

You can assign a merchant to buy ore at a price slightly higher than from Adventurers Guide.

To find out the amount of ore required, use the table from the "Calculation" section.


The crafter needs a learned passive ability Create Item Lv. 1 .

The level of the passive ability determines the rank of the items created.

Item grade Skill level Character level
D 2 20
C 4 36
B 6 49
A 7 55
S 8 62

To craft a huge amount of shots, you will have to make a large number of “clicks” on a button "Create".

Each click consumes mana. As the grade of shots increases, the mana consumption also increases.

Crafting process

Prepare all consumables in the required quantity.

Buff all the characters and make sure your rechargers has spirit shots.

For convenience, move shots recipes from the recipe book to the quick access panel.

A special NPC, in the form of a sphere, has been added at the MasterWork realms. If your characters are next to it, mana and health recharge rate are significantly increases. Position your characters next to the one of that NPCs.

Add characters to your party and enable the crafter's aura Hardened Armor Lv. 1 .

Use Mana Gain Lv. 1 to buff the crafter and his pet.

Create and activate cyclic macro "/useskill Recharge". Keep a crafter or his pet in target when he runs out of mana.

As a crafter, open the recipe and press the “Create” button until the desired result is achieved.

As needed, send shots to the dwarf traders by mail.

Automating the process is punishable at many servers. The author of the article does not use a clicker, and you should't do it as well.


The success of an enterprise depends on the sales of your goods.

It is recommended to sell shots at several locations at the same time. The more traders you have, the better.

Be sure to create your brand! Come up with creative names for the dwarves and labels for trade signs. Over time, players will remember your merchants, and among a dozen other merchants they will choose yours.

Offline trade

Find a suitable place to sell shots.

Private Store - Sell — will open the sell dialog box.

Select sell for Adena.

Select required shots in your inventory, set the number of shots to be sold and the selling price.

Edit Sign — the name of the Trade Shop.

Click the Start Sale button, then the Offline button. The game client will close, and the character will remain selling goods.

Where to place traders

Location is very important for successful trading. Each client has his own preferences when choosing a merchant. It is important to try to reach as many buyers as possible.

Main sales points:

  • The nearest offline trade point next to a teleport at any city (these points are the most popular, so there is the fiercest competition for them)
  • Entry to popular instance zones
  • Olympic pillars
  • Any places of potential or actual concentration of players

Additional actions

All methods of trade promotion that you know are good!

Use game chat to attract customers' attention to your products.

Dumping (lowering prices) is relevant mostly for players with low capital. Major players receive their profit “at a distance”, and the small amount of goods is recommended to sell quickly

Dwarven Workshop — open an offline dwarven workshop to create shots and some other recipes, available for you. This will bring in a little extra profit.

For additional profit, sell crystals inside Luxory Shop at Giran. Players buy crystals that are more expensive than their base price.

It is important to know

The changes made on the MasterWork made the market game much more fair.

Players receive shots as the reward for:

Also players can Buy shots for Master Coin .

On MasterWork you will not be able to create a monopoly on the market, but this does not mean that you cannot make decent money!

Product without profit

On MasterWork it's not recommended to produce and sell following items:

These items are not in demand among players. The situation on other servers may be opposite, act based on the realities of your server.


Trade and "Giran Farm" represent a special gameplay where to achieve success you can and must use all of your knowledge of the Lineage 2 world and the economy in general.

Starting with a small trading post in Gludio, you can develop the influence of your business empire throughout whole Elmoreaden!

This article is a guide to action and a description of the first steps. Based on your experience you will discover a lot of secrets for making money, and good businessmen don’t like to reveal his secrets.



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