Saga of the Dreadnoughts

Warlords are the storm of the battlefield. A girl has arisen in the land of Elmore who is known as the greatest Warlord who has ever lived! It's said that she's protected by a dragon! Why has she come back?

1: The Pilgrimage Begins
One of the best Warlords alive, the Bride of Fire Dragon Leona Blackbird was spotted near the Town of Goddard. Visit Guard Ulrich of the Town of Goddard and ask him about her.

2: Find the Legendary Dish
Guard Ulrich asks you to do him a favor before he tells you about her and asks you to bring him some fish soup of spirit. Master Chef Donath in the Hot Springs area of Goddard knows how to make it. Visit him and ask him to cook for you.

3: Searching for Ingredients
Master Chef Donath needs Ice Crystals and a fat, white fish.
You can get some Ice Crystals if you do what Chef Jeremy asks and get the fat, white fish from a fisherman with a skill level of 23 - 25.

4: Completed Dish
Master Chef Donath makes you the soup of spirit, along with an explanation of how it promotes long life. Hurry up and take this dish to Guard Ulrich in the Town of Goddard.

5: The First Communion
You've got the Resonance Amulet. Commune with the Tablet of Vision that is just south of the Tower of Insolence.

6: Guardians of the Resonance Amulet
The Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge near the Tablet of Vision have the second Resonance Amulet. Destroy them and take their Resonance Amulet.

Monsters to Hunt - Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge

7: The Second Communion
You've got the Resonance Amulet from the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. Commune with the Tablet of Vision.

8: Meaning of Strength
After communing with the second tablet, you feel a Guardian waiting for you at the third tablet. A divine roadblock to keep you from the ways of the dragon. Read all you can about Leona and get ready for a vicious fight. He awaits you near the third tablet.

Monster to Hunt - White Wing Commander

9: The Third Communion
You've defeated the White Wing Commander and taken the Resonance Amulet. All-powerful dragon of the martial arts! What could have frightened the gods so?
Commune with the third tablet.

10: A Time to Choose
Master Bernhardt of the Town of Goddard has the fourth Resonance Amulet. Visit him and get it.

11: Joining the Ketras
To get the Divine Stone of Wisdom, you must gain the trust of the Ketra Orcs. Speak with Wahkan, their messenger.

12: Joining the Varka Silenos
To get the Divine Stone of Wisdom, you decided to help the Varka Silenos. Prove yourself to their messenger, Ashanuk, and gain the trust of the Varka Silenos.

13: The Fourth Communion
You've got the fourth Resonance Amulet. Go to the fourth tablet and commune with it.

14: Mysterious Wizard
A Mysterious Wizard in the Forest of the Dead has the fifth Resonance Amulet. Speak with him and get the Resonance Amulet.

15: Halisha's Minions
The Archon of Halisha has the fifth Resonance Amulet. Lure the archon out by attacking his minions in the Shrine of Loyalty or attack him inside the Imperial Tomb.

Monsters to Hunt -
Shrine of Loyalty: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knights, Shrine Guards, Archon of Halisha
Imperial Tomb: Archon of Halisha

16: The Fifth Communion
You've got the fifth Resonance Amulet. Now head to the fifth tablet. It is in the northwestern corner of the Wall of Argos.

17: The Devil's Hand
During the fifth communion, you see a messenger from the gods. He waits beside the sixth Tablet of Vision. Can you really fight against his power?

Monster to Hunt - Angel Virtues Odiel

18: The Sixth Communion
After defeating Angel Virtues Odiel, Leona disappeared, leaving behind a Resonance Amulet. Use it to perform the sixth communion.

19: Power of Dragon
Occasionally, Warlords must use the power of the dragon for peaceful purposes. Speak with Master Aiken in Aden Castle Town and talk about what you've gained and lost during this pilgrimage.

20: Preparation for Occupation Change
You aren't skilled enough to actually do the things you've learned on your pilgrimage. Train until you reach level 76 and then return to Master Aiken.

Quest information
Level 76 ~ 85
Start NPC Aiken