Help the Sister!

Planning to move to a quiet place, Cooper gets a letter from his younger sister one day. The letter says she wants to become an Adventurer and help her brother! Cooper wants to get a dagger for her!

1: A Crafted Dagger
Pet Manager Cooper asks you to get him a crafted dagger.

2: Hunting in the Execution Grounds
Worried about his younger sister's trip, Cooper asks you to hunt specters and sorrow maidens on the Execution Grounds. Kill 30 of them!

Monsters to Hunt - Specters, Sorrow Maidens

3: Return to Cooper
You've hunted monsters on the Execution Grounds and obtained a piece of a strange map. Return to Pet Manager Cooper.

4: Map for Galladucci
The thing that monsters in the Execution Grounds had looks like the map that should have been delivered to Galladucci. Visit Galladucci at his shop.

5: Return to Cooper
Trader Galladucci asks you to tell Cooper that he will buy him a big dinner around the Period of Tera. Return to Pet Manager Cooper.


Quest information
Level 26 ~ 85
Start NPC Cooper