Path of the Shillien Oracle

Shillien Oracles seek truth and enlightenment in the darkness that surrounds us. Not all are worthy of such a noble profession.

1: Two Books
Quest that must be fulfilled to change class to Shillien Oracle. Magister Sidra explains that to become a Shillien Oracle you must acquire two books written in ancient rune: the 'Garmiel book' and the 'Andariel book'. First you must visit Magister Talbot in the Village of Gludin, and learn how to obtain the Garmiel book.

2: Bloody Runes
Magister Talbot asks you to slay Dark Succubi and bring back five bloody runes. You will find those abominations in a spider nest west of the Altar of Rites. In return he will compile the Garmiel Book for you. Monsters to be hunted - Dark Succubi.

3: Return to Talbot
You have collected all five bloody runes. Return to Magister Talbot in Gludin Village and ask him to make the Garmiel Book for you.

4: Another Book
You have obtained the Garmiel book from Magister Talbot. Now you must obtain the Andariel book from Priest Adonius at Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village.

5: Ritual of Atonement?
Priest Adonius promises you that if you slay the skeletons and zombies in the Ruins of Agony and bring back 10 Ashen Bones, he will give you a copy of the Andariel book. You should hunt Skeleton Infantrymen, Shield Skeletons, Zombie Soldiers and Zombie Warriors.

6: Return to Adonius
You have collected 10 Ashen Bones. Return to Priest Adonius at Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village and receive a copy of the Andariel book.

7: Shillien Oracle
You have obtained the Andariel Book from Priest Adonius. Return to Magister Sidra.

Adena NG x163800
Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Sidra