Path of the Palus Knight

Dark Elven Knights must pass two trials to become an elite Palus Knight. Are you worthy to join them?

1: Ritual of 13 Skulls
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Palus Knight. Master Virgil asks that you capture the 'gaze of abyss' through a trial in order to become a Palus Knight. He says you must then go to the Neutral Zone and bring back 13 Lycanthrope Skulls needed for the 13 Skull Ceremony. This will fulfill the first stage of the trial.

2: Return to Master Virgil
You have collected all 13 skulls. Go to Master Virgil of the Town of Gludio and find out about the second trial.

3: Ritual of Red Coffin
The second trial involves making a red coffin. Visit Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta of the Dark Elf Guild in Gludin Village.

4: Coffin of Eternal Rest
The Trial of Red Coffin requires you to make a coffin. You must go to Windmill Hill south of Gludin Village and obtain one Predator's Carapace and five units of Arachnid Tracker Silk.

5: Return to Kalinta
You have obtained all the ingredients to make the Coffin of Eternal Rest. Take them to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta of the Dark Elf Guild in Gludin Village and ask him to make the coffin for you.

6: Owner of the Coffin of Eternal Rest
By carving your name on the coffin, you have become its true owner. Now, take it and return to Master Virgil in the Town of Gludio.

SP x5050
Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Virgil