Path to an Elven Oracle

The revelation of flame has been passed down among Elven priests for centuries. Rumors persist that a girl of revelation has appeared recently...

1: Miracle Girl
This quest must be fulfilled to change occupation to Oracle. Tell Priest Manuel that you wish to become an Oracle. He tells you about the Revelation of the TOrch, and asks you to investigate the truth about the recent appearance of a miraculous girl near the lighthouse in Gludin Harbor.

2: Girl Shaking in Fear
You have met Allana. She seems afraid...

3: Girl Shaking in Fear
Mysterious lizardmen attempted to catch Allana. You defeat them and obtain the Lizard Captain Order. Ask Allana about the situation again.

4: Girl's Request
Allana explains that she has the ability to cure her younger sister's illness. She asks you to meet an old man named Perrin who gave her this ability and get her money back.

5: Let's Interrogate Perrin
You have defeated Tamil, guard of the evil Perrin. Interrogate him.

6: Let's Return to Allana
You retrieved Allana's money from Perrin. Take it to her. You will find her near the lighthouse.

7: Manuel's Urgent Business
Priest Manuel of the Town of Gludio has contacted you through the crystal for emergency. Go meet him quickly.

8: Pursued Girl
You receive a tip that mercenary lizardmen were hired to kidnap the girl of prophecy. Hurry to the lighthouse in Gludin Harbor and protect her.

9: Results of Prophecy
You could not save the girl's younger brother. Return to Priest Manuel and tell him.


Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Manuel