Path to a Cleric

Potential Clerics should confiscate subversive books and take them to Priest Zigaunt... He'll be very impressed!

1: Proof of Faith
Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupation to Cleric. Tell Priest Zigaunt that you wish to become a Cleric, and he ask you to prove your pure faith. To do this, you must remove all inappropriate books that criticize the current order. The first rumors about those books appeared in the Town of Gludio. Go there and ask Trader Simplon about the book, 'Understanding of Miracles.' Then recover all the books the trader has sold.

2: Recovery of Inappropriate Books
You have recovered all five books. Now take them to Priest Zigaunt of the Temple of Einhasad in Gludin Village.

3: Meeting with the Author - Part 1
Although you now have all the books available, as long as the author lives more may be produced. Go and find a former priest named Lionel. It is said that he is in hiding somewhere on Talking Island.

4: Knowledge that Should Be Hidden
Lionel explains that although he believes his books, he does not wish to anger the powers-that-be in the temple. He promises not to write any more books if you will take the remaining books to Grand Magister Gallint in the Einhovant School of Magic located on Talking Island.

5: Meeting with the Author - Part 2
Gallint says he knew it was going to be like this, and accepts the book. Now go back to Lionel.

6: Proven Faith...?
You have received Lionel's covenant not to author any more books. Now return to Priest Zigaunt in the Temple of Einhasad in Gludin Village.

Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Zigaunt