Path to a Rogue

Speak first with Guard Bezique if you wish to follow the Path to a Rogue.

1: Let's obtain a Recommendation to Become a Rogue!
Quest to change occupation to Rogue. Find Captain Bezique and tell him you wish to become a Rogue. He says that in order to earn his respect, you must catch one of the thieves. He suggests you meet with Neti.

2: Neti's Test
In order to catch an elusive band of thieves you must act quickly to hunt for skeletons, using only the dagger and bow you received from Neti. Hunt the skeletons and spartois in the Ruins of Agony and collect 10 spartoi's bones. You will get these bones by killing tracker skeletons, tracker skeleton leaders, skeleton scouts, skeleton bowmen, ruin spartoi and raging spartoi.

3: Return to Neti
You have collected 10 spartoi's bones. Now take them to Neti in Gludin Village.

4: Neti's Recognition
Take the horseshoe of light you obtained from Neti to Captain Bezique.

5: Subjugation of Cat's Eye Bandits
Captain Bezique has ordered you to defeat the cat's eye bandits near the Abandoned Camp and recover some stolen goods. Using the weapons Neti gave you, defeat them and recover the stolen items.

6: Return to Captain Bezique
You have defeated the bandits and recovered the stolen goods. Now, return to Captain Bezique of Gludin Village.


Quest information
Level 18 ~ 85
Start NPC Bezique