An Obvious Lie

High Priest Maximilian asked Gentler to make him some medicine, but the process was interrupted and has been delayed. He asks you to help Gentler.

1: Meet Gentler
High Priest Maximilian says that Trader Gentler of Giran Castle Town needs help. Go meet Gentler.

2: Find Miki the Cat
Trader Gentler says that he's lost contact with Miki the Cat on Devil's Isle and asks you to deliver the map to him and get some herbs in return.

3: Find Herbs
Miki the Cat says that he found the herbs, but lost them when the pouch containing the herbs got torn while he was wandering around lost. He asks you to obtain 20 herbs. Get them by hunting alligators on Alligator Beach.

Monster to Hunt - Alligators

4: Deliver the Herbs
You've got all the herbs that Trader Gentler of Giran Castle Town asked for. Take them to him immediately!

5: Collect Spirit Ore
Gentler needs 500 more Spirit Ores to make the medicine and asks you to get them.

6: Get Your Reward
You ask Trader Gentler to pay you and he says that Miki the Cat has already been paid for the runestones. He tells you to get the money from him.

7: A Lie Exposed
Miki the Cat says he never signed any contract and sends you back to Trader Gentler in Giran Castle Town.

8: The Final Ingredient
Gentler apologizes and promises to make you an exquisite accessory if you'll bring him some more ingredients. He asks you to collect 1,000 thread and 500 suede.

Quest information
Level 45 ~ 85
Start NPC Maximilian