Fate's Whisper

Many travelers looking for new hope follow the whispers of the lady of the wind. Keep heart! You shall soon acquire the flame of purgatory!

1: Save the Soul of Reiria
The soul of Reiria, Maestro Reorin's dearly departed wife, is being held hostage by demons. He asks that you free her by slaying Messenger Cabrio and recovering the soul orb. He was last seen lurking in the northern part of the cemetery.

2: Infernium Scepter
In order to restore his honor, Maestro Reorin wishes to recover his masterpiece from the demons. He asks that you recover his three Infernium scepters from Death Lord Hallate, his aide Kernon and Longhorn Golkonda, who can be found in the Tower of Insolence.

3: Infernium Varnish
Maestro Reorin asks that you go to Warehouse Keeper Cliff in the Town of Oren and obtain Infernium varnish so he may continue his enhancement of the Infernium scepters.

4: Specially Made Hammer
Maestro Reorin asks that you recover his hammer from Head Blacksmith Ferris in the Town of Aden, who confiscated it after expelling the maestro from the guild.

5: Maestro-Level Mold
Go to Trader Zenkin in the Town of Oren and recover the maestro-level mold that he bought from Reorin.

6: To Hardin's Academy
Trader Zenkin informs you that Maestro Reorin's mold has already been sold to Magister Kaspar of Hardin's Academy. Try to obtain the mold from him.

7: Baium's Blood
Magister Kaspar offers to give you Reorin's mold in exchange for a sample of the blood of Baium. Baium is the emperor of the ancient empire who is sealed in a room atop the Tower of Insolence. He is said to have turned into a beast-like creature. Magister Hanellin of the Town of Aden will tell you how to enter his room. When you attack him, you must use a pipette knife and stab him with it.

8: Blood of Angel
Magister Kaspar gave 30 pieces of white cloth to have them stain with the blood of Platinum Faction and angels in the Tower of Insolence. Let's bring them to Kaspar by staining them with the blood of angels.

Monsters to be hunted -- Platinum Faction Solider, Platinum Faction Archer, Platinum Faction Warrior, Platinum Faction Shaman, Platinum Faction Commander, Guardian Angel, and Seal Angel

9: To Kaspar
All 30 pieces of white cloth have been stained with the blood of angel as Kaspar requested. Let's go back to Kaspar.

10: Holding a mold in a hand
The Maestro Reorin's mold has been acquired! Please go back to Reorin now.

11: B Grade Crystal
Many B-grade Crystals are required in order to process molten Infernium. Obtain 984 crystals and deliver them to Maestro Reorin.

12: Equipment Fusion
In order to neutralize a hazardous energy emitted from raw Infernium, you will need to mix it with a B-Grade item in to create a new alloy. Bring a B-grade weapon to Maestro Reorin.


Quest information
Level 75 ~ 85
Start NPC Reorin