Testimony of Fate

Dark Elves believe they are descendents of their abyssal mother, Shilen. They seek her dark truths regarding the chaotic times to come.

1: Alder's Ash
Magister Kaira commands you to find a book called "Kaysha's Revelations", which supposedly contains the secrets of the goddess Shilen. Meet Brother Metheus in Einhasad Temple in Giran Castle Town and find out more about Alder, who produced copies of the book.

2: Little Sister's Ash
Brother Metheus asks you to help him get revenge for his sister in exchange for Alder's skull. He asks that you first find the remains of his sister by killing the Hangman Tree in the Execution Grounds.

Monster to Hunt - Hangman Tree

3: Return to Metheus
You found the remains of Kassandra hanging on a Hangman Tree in the Execution Grounds. Take them to Brother Metheus.

4: Belladonna's Deadly Kiss
Brother Metheus asks you to obtain some Belladonna for him to avenge the murder of his sister. Find a Dark Elven expert in poisons to help you.

5: An Expert in Poisons
Find Master Ixia in the Town of Dion and ask him for Belladonna.

6: Ingredients of Belladonna
Belladonna contains 10 bloods of medusa, marsh spider fluids, dead seeker dung, tyrant's blood and nightshade root.

Monsters to Hunt -
Gorgon Flower Garden: Medusas
Execution Grounds: Dead Seekers
Wastelands: Tyrants
Cruma Marshlands: Stakatos, Marsh Spiders

7: Return to Ixea
You've obtained all the ingredients needed to make belladonna. Return to Master Ixia, the poison expert.

8: Cold Revenge
Take the belladonna to Brother Metheus.

9: Return to Kaira
You delivered the belladonna to Brother Metheus and received Alder's skull. Return to Magister Kaira.

10: Spirit of Alder
Ask Alder's soul about "Kaysha's Revelations".

11: Find Roa
Find Roa, tell him what you heard from Alder's soul and ask him about "Kaysha's Revelations".

12: The Warehouse in Gludin Village
Take the ticket from Magister Roa to the warehouse in Gludin Village.

13: A Copy of the Revelations
You've gotten a copy of "Kaysha's Revelations"! Return to Magister Kaira in Giran Castle Town.

14: Not Ready
Magister Kaira tells you that you're not ready to take the next test. Return to her when you reach level 38.

15: Shilen Initiation Ceremony
Take the recommendation letter to Tetrarch Thifiell in Dark Elf Village to be initiated into the Shilen Circle.

16: The Altar of Rites
Take the letter and amulet you got from Tetrarch Thifiell to Witch Arkenia at the Altar of Rites in the Dark Elven Forest.

17: Manufacture the Special Ink
To be initiated into the Shilen Circle you must first create a special ink from red fairy dust and blight treant sap. Get the ingredients from the bloody pixy and blight treants.

18: The Dark Elven Tetrarch
You've been initiated into the Shilen Circle! Take Witch Arkenia's letter to Tetrarch Thifiell in Dark Elf Village.


Exp NG x682735
SP NG x45562
Adena NG x123854
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Kaira