Trial of Duty

Why do Knights fight? For personal gain or public acclaim? This question must be answered by all who are called to knighthood!

1: Finding Sir Aron Tanford
Sometimes, being a mere Knight just isn't enough. Knights who wish to advance should find Sir Aron Tanford south of the Wastelands and undergo the Trial of Duty.

2: Spirit of Sir Herod
A true Knight must always seek to restore honor when possible. Sir Herod, after betraying his troops and dying in disgrace, has been resurrected as an evil spirit. Kill the undead skeletons that haunt the Wastelands and you'll meet him. You must destroy him with the old knight sword in order to restore his honor. Return to Sir Aron Tanford when you've finished off Sir Herod.

Monsters to Hunt - Skeleton Marauder, Skeleton Raider and Ghost of Sir Herod

3: Return to Sir Aron Tanford
You've obtained the tears of a Knight. Deliver them to Sir Aron Tanford.

4: Toward the Second Trial
Unfortunately, Sir Herod was beyond redemption. That can't be helped now. Speak with Sir Kiel Nighthawk in the Dark Elf Guild of the Town of Dion to receive your second mission.

5: Report of Sir Talianus
There's been a vicious massacre in Dion! Sir Talianus's report for the King was ripped up and his soldiers have become undead! Obtain the torn pieces of the report from the undead in the Dion Execution Grounds and restore the report of Sir Talianus.

Monsters to Hunt - Strains, Ghouls

6: To Sir Kiel Nighthawk
You've restored the report of Sir Talianus. Now take it to Sir Kiel Nighthawk in the Town of Dion.

7: Eternal Return for Sir Talianus
Take this report, find the spirit of Sir Talianus and promise to submIt to the King on his behalf. This will allow his spirit to at last rest in peace. Meet the spirit of Sir Talianus by destroying the hangman tree that suppresses his soul.

Monster to Hunt - Hangman Tree

8: Meeting with Sir Talianus
The seal that suppressed Sir Talianus has been broken. Speak with his ghost.

9: Huge Atonement
Sir Talianus asks you to deliver his report to the King. His spirit can't rest in peace until his sins are redeemed and justice is restored to the land of Dion. Return to Sir Kiel Nighthawk and tell him what you've learned.

10: A Knight in Hunters Village
Sir Kiel offers to investigate the matters regarding Sir Talianus. He tells you go to Hunters Village and meet with Sir Isael Silvershadow to receive your next orders.

11: Militia's Articles
Isael Silvershadow asks you to bring back the belongings of a militia who died defending the territory. Destroy the Leto Lizardmen on the Plains of the Lizardmen and collect 20 militias articles.

12: Return to Isael
Take the 20 militia's articles you've collected to Isael.

13: Toward Giran Castle Town
At last, the families of the brave soldiers can say goodbye to their loved ones. Grand Master Hannavalt sends word to Isael asking him to send you to Priest Dustin in Giran Castle Town one more time.

14: The Bones of Leon Athebaldt
Priest Dustin tells you the story of Leon Athebaldt, the protector of the will of Einhasad. He asks that you kill the Breka Orc Overlord and retrieve Sir Athebaldt's bones from around his neck. Find the Overlord in the Breka Stronghold.

Monster to Hunt - Breka Orc Overlord

15: Return to Dustin
You've retrieved the bones of Sir Leon Athebaldt. Now return to Priest Dustin.

16: In Search of Sir Collin Windawood
When you return with the bones of Leon Athebaldt, Dustin asked you to take them to Sir Collin Windawood, Leon's uncle. He's an archon on Talking Island.

17: Return to Priest Dustin Again
Sir Collin Windawood asks you to deliver his letter of gratitude to Priest Dustin.

18: Return to Hannavalt
Priest Dustin thanks you and gives you a letter describing your efforts. Take it to Grand Master Hannavalt.

Exp NG x762576
SP NG x49458
Adena NG x138968
Quest information
Level 35 ~ 85
Start NPC Hannavalt