Art of Persuasion

Lorain's research requires Nikola's help. You must try to persuade him. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).

1: Contract Completion
You've made a contract with Nikola and received his map. Show the map to Lorain so that she can identify the places they have not yet explored.

2: Waiting
Lorain needs time to compare Nikola's map to her information. Visit her again in a little a while.

3: To the 2nd Floor of Cruma Tower
Go to the spot Lorain indicated on the 2nd floor of Cruma Tower. Remember the code 3196 which disables the alarm system.

4: Search Completed
You have the metal plate. Take it to Lorain.

5: Search Completed
You have the broken metal pieces. Take them to Lorain.


Quest information
Level 40 ~ 85
Start NPC Nikola