Vesper Singer S84

<Available Soul Crystals>
Empower: M. Atk. +151.09, PvP Damage +5.00%.
MP Regeneration: MP Regeneration Bonus +1.95, PvP Damage +5.00%.
Magic Hold: PvP Damage +5.00%, Casts Special Ability: Magic Hold on target with 20% chance.

Type Blunt / Two-handed
P.Atk. 386
M.Atk. 257
Soul/Spirit Shots Consumption 1 / 1
Selling price NPC 35.839.000 аден
Weight 1080
Шанс Физ. Крит. Атк. 4
Accuracy 5
Can it be enchanted? Yes
Can it be add attribute? Yes
Can it be used at the Olympiad? Yes
Soul Crystals
Restrictions Private warehouse Clan warehouse Transfer by account
Trade Drop Private Store